5 Star

Friendly, Welcoming, Amazing job at cutting hair, Best hairdresser I’ve been to

After going to about 4 other local hairdressers, this is the best by far. I kept trying hairdresser after hairdresser, and still never getting a decent cut, then I walked past here one day, thats when I had finally found the hairdresser for me. All the staff are friendly, caring, respectful and amazing hairdressers. I have went to this hairdressers over the past year and its the longest I’ve stayed at s hairdresser. I would strongly recommend this hairdressers to anyone who would like a nice service and amazing cut. When you step out of here after your hair feels treated and you feel a different person. I only pay £25-£30 each time I go. After you have had it cut. Before your next appointment, if you want to come for a quick trim or fringe cut then its free.

Recommend 5 Star


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