Indulge your Colour Craving

Colour provides a fast and fun way to change your look, whether your goal is something subtle and gentle or bold and daring.

Our stylists will create the colour you want.

With the flexibility of Paul Mitchell’s Color XG Range your colour can be as unique as you are.

The quality of Paul Mitchell products means that you can enjoy exceptional brilliance and shine with vibrant and long-lasting colour.










Highlights can add subtle tones or bold flashes to your hair, and are the perfect introduction to colour.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make – giving your hair more depth, more texture, more personality.

It’s a cliché, but  . . . it’s your hair, only better.

Bringing your hairstyle to life, highlights offer the chance to enhance your look for maximum effect.



Hair colouring offers you a fast and fun way to create a radically new look.

Whether you want to cover some grey, add some radiance, or make a real statement, Paul Mitchell’s products will give you the colour you crave and the condition you expect.


The Color XG by Paul Mitchell – Performance. Pure & Simple.


The color XG is a rich, permanent hair colourant which offers maximum penetration but with lower ammonia levels. Not only does this mean you can have predictable colour results time and time again, but your colour will last longer. The color XG provides exceptional grey coverage, a rich red series and an exceptional high-lift series giving you the results you want. This is colour which cares for your hair too, as it contains beeswax, cottonseed oil and rice milk to leave your hair shiny and healthy-looking.

Colour, care and condition – what more could you ask for?


Shines XG by Paul Mitchell


Shines XG offers you demi-permanent tone-on-tone brilliance. Whether you want grey blending and coverage, soft toning or rich fashion colour effects, shines XG delivers. With a blend of cottonseed oil and rice milk your hair will be shiny and healthy looking, and shines XG excels at reviving dull or damaged hair.

Dull and damaged to bright and brilliant. Shine on.


Inkworks by Paul Mitchell

Magic bottles of semi-permanent hair colour to add fun and vibrancy to your look. On pre-lightened hair, Inkworks is perfect for flashes of colour or a party look. With a gentle formula containing vegetable proteins, moisturizers and shine enhancers, your hair will look and feel fantastic.

Bold and adventurous with a soft and gentle heart – Inkworks – for a splash of magic.