Gents Hairdressers Wellingborough

Men's Hairdressing Wellingborough


It’s not all about the women at Avant Garde.

We don’t underestimate how much your hairstyle is part of who you are, how you see yourself, and the image you want to project to others.

Whether you want something straightforward and simple, clean and cropped, or funky and fun, (or you plan to switch between styles according to 

occasion) our experienced stylists can deliver the look you’re after.

Both in the workplace and our social lives, our hair speaks volumes.

Our stylists are expert in men’s hair and will work with you to create something which reflects your personality, your career and your attitude to grooming.








Cutting & Styling

Most men have short hair, so the quality of your cut is critical – there’s nowhere to hide.

Even if you want a natural look and you don’t want to fuss over your hair at home, you need a cut which is tailored to produce exactly those results.

Not only will a professional cut make you look good on the day of your appointment, it will also keep its shape for longer, so whatever you’re doing you’ll stay looking sharp and well groomed.


Mitch aftercare, from Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell products WORK. It’s all we use in the salon, and it’s what we recommend you use at home – so the style you leave the salon with is the style and condition you can enjoy until your next visit to Avant Garde.

From shampoos and conditioners, waxes, pomades and gels, Paul Mitchell products help to create and maintain the look you want.